Artipic gives you excellent tools to edit your images and easy ways to perfect your great shots.

Artipic gives you excellent tools to edit your images and easy ways to perfect your great shots.

Artipic is an advanced and reliable image editor allows you to quickly and easily retouch, compose and distribute your great pictures.

Are you an amateur or professional photographer? Do you take a lot of great photos when travelling? Do you want to edit those using professional tools and publish online? Are you tired of paying a fortune for graphics packages where you never use 80% of the functionality? Then Artipic is the way to go!
Rich set of tools for painting and transformations Artipic features quite an extensive array of editing functions and components, ranging from the more common (select, crop, rotate, stamp, color picker, apply text, or red-eye reduction), to the more professional-oriented ones for retouching and compositions such as fully customizable brushes, special tools (blur/healing brush), layers and masks, gradients, shapes and paths.
Filters and adjustments to enhance your great shots Artipic allows you to adjust your photos for a greater look by applying a wide set of adjustments (‘Brightness & Contrast’, ‘Hue & Saturation’, ‘Curves‘, ‘Color Balance‘, ‘Gamma Correction‘, ‘Color Temperature‘, ‘Tint‘, ‘Color Enhancer‘, etc.) and filters (‘Smoothen’, ‘Sharpen’, ‘Vignette’, ‘High Pass’, ‘Diffuse Glow’, ‘Shadow’, ‘Gaussian Blur’, etc.).
Reversible Stylization Style Module allows managing presets of effects (all the image adjustments, filters and effects mentioned above) and applying them to images without affecting the source. The effects are ‘real-time’, so you can continue editing picture with the effects constantly applied.
Batch Module empowers to format large numbers of images by applying predefined action sets. Automatically adjust and upload your images for further distribution (be it Instagram or an e-commerce CMS platform) with a single click.

Well-structured look
The main window of Artipic comprises the working area, where you can open and manipulate with your photo while the ribbons and panels keep various other functions handy. Both ribbons and panels can be integrated or separated from the main screen, as well as closed if no use for them. Easy to learn and use



Artipic Version 2.4

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  • Alex_Corso

    by Alex_Corso

    "Good for advanced photographers"

    For this price looks like a good choice for the ones who do not need the whole bunch of tools by Photoshop but still wan... More.

    reviewed on October 29, 2015